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Why Office Based Surgery?

Office-based surgery is any surgical procedure performed by a licensed physician in the office setting, requiring some level of anesthesia. 

Billed as POS 11 - “Non Facility” 

Different than ASC - “Facility” 

“Global” billing - Higher reimbursements

Combined payment for professional & technical components 

On average 10 x more than professional revenue in “Facility“ (ASC or Hospital)  

Statistics of Office Based Procedures

Out of about 80 million outpatient surgeries last year, including those done at hospitals and free-standing surgical centers, more than 12 million were performed in doctor’s offices. 

Health experts expect this amount to increase over the next decade.  

Physician Advantages

Higher Reimbursement

Increased Revenue

Financial Independence due to increased take home pay

Patient convenience/ease of scheduling

Control of patient care from the beginning to end

Decrease burnout 

Don’t give up ownership

Patient Advantages  

Cost Savings 

Lower Risk of Infection 



Better care, more personalized care

Patient Satisfaction

Continuity of Care   

Increase Practice Revenue  

Office based procedures can provide an increase in revenue to the surgical practice while lowering the overall cost of care to the Health Care System because fees are paid directly to the surgeon, eliminating overhead costs billed for the same procedure in a hospital setting 

Specialties of Interest  

Interventional Radiology & Cardiology

Vascular Surgery


Pain Management






Orthopedic Surgery


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